A 6 week course for girls aged 8-12 to master their mindset, pursue their dreams and grow resilience from the inside out.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is closed for the current course. Please register your interest for the next one below. 

    The last two years have been challenging for parents everywhere. Lockdowns and restrictions have affected our children's mental health to the point where it's reaching a crisis. The additional emotional work taken on by parents over this time has been exhausting. Homeschooling, working from home, wearing masks - once you navigate one challenge it seems that another comes along to replace it.  

    What if your daughter had a better understanding of her own thoughts and emotions, had a positive focus and a way to calm herself down when she was feeling bad? 

    Imagine if your daughter had some positive exercises and routines that could support her wellbeing and set her up for the day in a positive way. What if she discovered tools that could help her when she was feeling down or upset? Imagine if she started focusing on the things that make her happy and working on goals that are meaningful to her. What if she could talk about how she is feeling with a group of girls her own age? 

    We’re Sinéad and Julie-Anne of Inspired Creators.  We work with girls from 8-12 who are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by the pandemic. They may be missing their friends and extended family and feel like every day is the same and there’s nothing to look forward to.  

    We provide inspiring exercises and games to help girls focus on the positive and tools to balance their emotions and moods so that they can be happier, understand themselves better and feel more in control.  

    Inspire Her is a 6 week online course for girls aged 8-12 to master their mindset, pursue their dreams and grow resilience from the inside out.

      Benefits of the Program

      • Understand the power of her thoughts and focus so that she can focus on things that make her feel happy.  
      • Learn tools to deal with negative emotions such as sadness or worry. 
      • Set exciting goals for the year so she can focus on things that inspire her and bring her joy. 
      • Be able to name her feelings so that she has a greater understanding of herself and is able to express herself more clearly. 
      • Learn simple breathing techniques and meditations to calm down when she feels overwhelmed. 
      • Tune into what she needs and how to be kinder to herself.
      • Have fun, play games and make new friends.

      What's covered

      • 6 x 1 hour weekly online Zoom classes which will focus on a different topic - see the week by week outline below for full details of what is covered.
      • The group will be live and interactive with a group of up to 20 girls.
      • During the class your daughter will be encouraged to participate and share so she can receive support from the other girls in the group. 
      • When teaching we use games, stories and play to make learning as fun and engaging as possible.

        Week by Week

        Week 1: The Power of our Thoughts and Focus – in week one we we’ll discuss why our brains have a tendency to focus on the negative and how we can use the practice of appreciation to focus on the positive. We’ll also talk about the benefits of questioning our negative thoughts.  She will learn how to change her mood in an instant with our state change tool.

        Week 2: Designing her unique Wheel of Happiness – in week 2 we’ll talk all about what makes your daughter happy.  She will design her very own wheel of happiness and she will choose an area to focus on that will bring her joy every day.

        Week 3: Emotional Regulation – during week 3 we’ll discuss emotions and teach techniques for dealing with negative emotions so that your daughter can deal with these as they arise.

        Week 4: Meditation and Visualisation – in week 4 we get our zen on!  We will discuss how different breathing techniques can help us feel calmer, and how we can use the power of visualisation to bring our goals and dreams to life.  Very cool!

        Week 5: Vision Board for 2022 – in our penultimate week we are getting creative and they will design their very own vision boards and set inspiring goals for 2021.  Bring it on!!

        Week 6: Self Compassion – on the final week we’ll discuss how the girls can be kinder to themselves and treat themselves as they would their best friend.  We’ll also recap on all the practices we’ve covered over the 6 weeks so that they go away like the confident amazing  rockstars they were born to be!

        Also included are...

        Digital Workbook: your daughter will receive a fun playbook PDF each week with notes of each session’s content and fun exercises to do between session.  This will help her to integrate and deepen the practices we cover each week.

        Recorded Meditation: your daughter can use this child friendly meditation to listen to at home to in order to relax.

        Weekly emails for parents: parents will receive a recap email each week which will help you to understand what your child has been learning and give you the opportunity to feedback on anything coming up for your child. We will do our best to incorporate this as we go.

        Summary of practices: at the end we will provide parents with an easy one page summary of all the positive practices that can be displayed on a wall or fridge to help with implementation and integration.

        PLEASE NOTE: Registration is closed for the current course. Please register your interest for the next one below. 

          Have any questions?

          If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you! You can email us at hello@theinspiredcreators.com 


          Sinéad Tiernan 


          Julie-Anne Graham


          “I never realised how much I didn’t like myself and now that I can see that it is changing everything that I do. Thank you so much for running INSPIRE HER – it really has changed how I treat myself” - Beth - Participant

          “My daughter joined INSPIRE HER to help her get prepared for secondary school. She absolutely loved it. I’ll be signing her up for more. Sinéad is super." - Trisha - Parent

          "My children adore Julie-Anne. She is extraordinarily playful and fun and has endless ideas on engaging them with new ideas and encouraging their own imaginations. She is kind and gentle and extremely patient. She uses her extensive gifts in creativity to keep them engaged and happy." - Parent

          “I cannot thank you enough for all your work with our daughter over the last six weeks. A wonderfully positive and affirmative experience. Can’t recommend the INSPIRE HER course enough.” - Maeve - Parent

          "I’d strongly recommend Inspire Her! Jane absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to go online every week! She met loads of lovely friends and loved learning new skills and techniques to use every day!  Ladies your energy is mind blowing. Thanks so much!" - Anna - Parent