Your child's emotional health influences every aspect of their life.

Our online self-study course for 8-12 year olds equips children with the tools to manage big emotions and calm themselves down when they get upset.

When your child is upset, it doesn't just affect them!

It affects the whole family, including you.  It can drain your energy, put a strain on your relationship, cause arguments between siblings and generally make life more difficult. 

Does your child experience:

  • Mood swings and losing their temper easily
  • Worries, insecurities and low confidence
  • Difficulty coping with disappointment or set backs
  • Overwhelm and not knowing what they're feeling
  • Technology hangovers

You're doing your best as a parent but sometimes they don’t listen to you. When they melt down over something minor you worry that they might not have the coping skills and resilience to manage more challenging situations. 

If they're like this now, what will they be like as a teen? 

why not give them the tools to cope?

Imagine your child:

  • was more emotionally balanced and tuned in to what is going on inside them.
  • was able to calm themselves down when they feel their emotions rising.
  • was able to express how they're feeling to you, so you have a strong connection and know that they’ll share any worries with you.
  • had tools to help them feel more confident when they are nervous or feeling insecure.
  • had the resilience to deal with what life throws at them, whether it’s not getting picked for the team or not getting the results they wanted. 
  • was able to handle their changing moods and develop greater self awareness of their needs.

With these in place you'd be able to sleep at night knowing that they're happy and able to look after themselves.

The truth is, life is 10% what happens to your child and 90% how they react to it.  


Content is off the charts

This program is amazing and my daughter is thriving! Thank you so much for your wisdom, inspiration and kindness! The content is off the charts! And delivered by two amazing women

Ann MarieParent, New York.

Awesome resource

This is an awesome resource for children to develop their confidence and self-esteem and to introduce them to excellent techniques to navigate whatever life throws at them. Jules has loved the course and learned some amazing skills to set her up for the future. I’m very glad to have discovered your course for her! Highly recommended. 

DAVID Parent, Saudi Arabia.

Feel more confident & Happy

This course really helped my mental health. After doing it I feel more confident and happy. Thank you so much.

HANNAH age 11, Ireland.


The Emotional Toolkit for Kids is an online self-study course for children aged 8-12 which equips them with a range of tools to help build emotional well-being and resilience. 

Try it out risk free in our 7 day free trial!

What's included:

Section 1: Introduction to thoughts & emotions

In this section they will:

  • Understand how their thoughts affect their emotions so that they can identify the root cause of their negative feelings.
  • Learn that emotions are normal and negative emotions are not bad, they are just information about what they need.
  • Identify and name their emotions so that they clearly verbalise how they are feeling, which reduces the emotional intensity.
  • Separate feelings and behaviours – for example it’s ok to feel angry or frustrated, but not ok to hit someone.

Section 2: Cultivating Positive Emotions

In this section they will:

  • Learn why the morning is the most powerful time to focus your mind on the positive so that you have the best day possible.
  • Discover an appreciation practice so that they have a more optimistic outlook and experience more joy and happiness throughout their day.
  • Learn a powerful relaxation technique that regulates the heart and brain so that they feel more loving, balanced and connected

Section 3: Tapping

Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an empowering tool that helps children calm themselves and process their emotions.  It works by tapping on acupressure points to reduce the intensity of negative emotions.

In this section they will: 

  • Discover the specific acupressure points to tap on so that they can release negative emotions anytime or anywhere they need to.
  • Become more emotionally intelligent - naming their emotions, identifying how intense they are and where they are in the body so that they can see the difference when they tap.
  • Learn the process step-by-step so they can confidently use the technique when they need it most. 

Section 4: Emotional Toolkit

The Emotional Toolkit contains powerful tools that your child can use to calm themselves down and regain emotional balance

These cover:

  • Frustration and anger – so that they calm down, think clearly and find solutions to their problems.
  • Worry and anxiety – so that they can challenge the thoughts that are making them unhappy and come back to the present moment.  
  • Sadness – so they have tools they can use to calm down and stop crying, treat themselves with loving kindness and comfort themselves.
  • Jealousy – so that they can identify the message jealousy is giving them in a positive way.
  • Insecurity – so that they can feel confident and strong in themselves. 
  • Fear – so they can turn off the fight or flight response, identify and move through their fear and step out of their comfort zone.
  • General tools that will help with a range of negative emotions including overwhelm, nervousness and stress.

We teach them a range of modalities including:

  • Journaling and self-reflection
  • Grounding and breathing exercises
  • Acupressure points that work on the physical body
  • Guided meditations and powerful visualisations
  • Creative activities

Bonus: Live calls for Parents

In addition to the content created for your child, we offer:

  • 6 months access to us where you can ask questions in a monthly live call via a private Facebook Group. If you're not on Facebook, you can email us instead. 
  • Access to recordings of Q&A sessions. These videos will be hosted on a private page on our website so that you can access them at any time, even if you're not on Facebook.



Every child is different and we want to make sure that The Emotional Toolkit is right for your child.  That's why we offer a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL so you can access the materials and try it out for yourself.  

Cancel within the first 7 days and you won't be charged. So there's nothing to lose!

Develop your child's emotional health now!

Hi there, we're Sinéad and Julie-Anne – the founders of Inspired Creators.  

We've been friends for over 20 years having met at a David Gray concert in Dublin!   We have a mutual love and passion for mindset development and have studied with the great leaders in the fields of personal development, the neurosciences, meditation, and energy medicine.  

Like many of us we feel that our teenage years would have been much more fun if we had been taught how to master our thoughts, worries and emotions. 

And so Inspired Creators was born.  We've created a space for girls globally to come and learn from a young age how to train their mind and develop their superpowers.  A space where they can meet likeminded children from all over the world who inspire each other to grow and be better.  

Sinéad has a BSC(Hons) in Social Psychology, is a qualified Life and Business Coach, Trainer, Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner and mum of two gorgeous kids. She loves year-round lake-swimming, family camping trips and sneaking away for spa days!

Julie-Anne is a Heartmath Coach, EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, facilitator of Tara Mohr’s Playing Big methodology and is a published author/illustrator for children.  She loves colour, creativity and books.


Really enjoyable

This course was really enjoyable and helped my confidence with some great mindfulness ideas.

Anna - age 9, U.K.

Expertly delivered

I think this well designed programme, expertly delivered by people who clearly care deeply about what they are doing, fills a real need for kids this age. My daughter came away realising that the way she was feeling was normal and that she wasn't alone in feeling this way.  It gave her confidence.

Alan - Parent, Ireland.

I feel Happy & Energised

I loved the Inspired Creator course - I had trouble going to sleep at night and the tapping and breathing exercises have really helped. I also love using the energy medicine when I get up in the morning and when I get home from school. It makes me feel happy and energised. 

Chloe - age 10, Ireland.

Develop your child's emotional health now!


The Emotional Toolkit includes:

  • 30+ videos that explain how the mind and emotions work, including powerful tools to regulate and manage emotions such as: anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety, worry, insecurity, frustration and sadness. (Value £997)
  • A 60 page Course Workbook full of worksheets to support your child's learning. (Value £97)
  • A daily appreciation journal so that they can start the day by focusing on the positive. (Value £27)
  • 7+ audio meditations to help them calm down and regain their composure. (Value £97)
  • 6 months access to us where you can ask questions in a monthly live call via a private Facebook Group. (Value £1197)

TOTAL VALUE = £2,415

ONLY £247!

Try it out for 7 days free of charge

Develop your child's emotional health now!



We want to make sure you're delighted with the tools and support contained within The Emotional Toolkit. That's why we've got a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If it's not for your child you can cancel within the first 7 days and you won't be charged. So there's nothing to lose!


Invaluable skills

Thanks for a very positive course. It has given her some invaluable skills that they just don't teach in school. Looking after your mental health is so important.

SueParent, Ireland.

Very impressed

I am very impressed with the course and you've pitched to the age group really well! Not easy to get that right but you've done a stunning job. The “vibe” is fun. Really would recommend your course to anyone. Well done!

Caroline - Parent, South Africa.

Helped me release stress

This course helped me release stress and tension. I learned how to meditate and the workbooks were fun and helpful.

Eleanor - aged 11, U.K.

Frequently asked questions

Who is it for?

What age is the course aimed at?

This course is for all children aged 8-12. If you feel your child is a mature 7 year old then please feel free to try it out. We offer a 7 day no quibble returns policy.

Is this for parents as well as children?

Our content is suitable for both adults and children but the way we teach it on this course is obviously child friendly!  Please feel free to watch the videos and try the techniques out yourself.  It's a great way to understand what your child is learning and build a bond. 

Do parents need to watch the course with their child?

The program has been designed as a self-study course for your child to watch alone, however we have a section for parents at the start which gives an overview of what your child will be learning. We also offer a Facebook Support Group for parents to ask any questions that may arise as their child goes through the content. 

You are very welcome to watch the videos with your child, however this is not a requirement for them to benefit from it. 

My child has learning difficulties – will they be able to take part?

We've had children with ADHD and dyslexia who've been through our programs and loved them.  Of course every child is different.  If you're not sure if your child will enjoy it, we offer a 7 day no quibble returns policy so they can try it out risk free. 

Fees and cancellation

Do I get a reward if I refer a friend?

We'd be delighted if you'd like to recommend the course to other parents, and as a thank you we'd love to offer you a reward.  Just get in touch for details.

I’m a teacher at a school, can I get a license for my students?

Yes please get in touch with details of how many students you require a license for.  Email us

How does the 7 day free trial work?

Sign up using this link and you'll be asked to enter your payment details. You'll gain instant access to the course but you won't be charged until after the 7 day period is up.  This means you can have a look around and see if it's right for your child. So there's nothing to lose!

Additional support

Do you provide one to one or group support?

We provide a variety of services from group coaching to one to one support for children, teens and adults.  Please email us at

If I have questions how do I get in touch? 

Just email us at

Next steps

Make payment

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Email confirmation

We'll send you an email containing payment confirmation, log in details to the course portal and details of how to join the Facebook Group. 

Get started!

That's it!  Just log in to the portal and get going.  If you find the course is not for you you can cancel before the 7 day period is up. We hope you enjoy!

Develop your child's emotional health now!


Amazing course

It's an amazing course, it has helped change my point of view on a lot of things. 10/10!

SAOIRSEage 9, Ireland.

she's Overcoming hurdles

I want to say how impressed I am at the work you’re covering with the girls. I keep thinking wouldn’t it be great if all schools had this as an essential part of the curriculum.  I can really see she is developing a quiet confidence that is helping her overcome hurdles.

MARY - Parent, UK.

Changed me for the better

 I want my friends to have this experience too because this has changed me for the better, and I love it. Thank you so much!

FIA - age 12, Ireland.